Yogic Tools for the Intelligent, Emotional Heart

1. Asana

Performing yoga postures moves the energy through the body helping to unblock any stuck emotions. Chair yoga and/or a combination of standing, chair and gentle floor with props is the only safe exercise therapy for cardiac patients.

2. Pranayama

Practice pranayama that move the energy and create an uplifting feeling. There are three basic techniques which are important for heart patients. These are diaphragmatic breathing, deep breathing and even breathing. These techniques are very useful for reducing angina symptoms, alleviating insomnia, and decreasing arousal of the sympathetic nervous system.

Bhramari (Bumble Bee Breath)

Helps to tone and balance the pituitary gland, remove negative emotions and create a sense of well being. This breath is also very beneficial to the energetic and physical heart helping to alleviate heart disease, high blood pressure and insomnia and stimulating the heart chakra.

3. Meditation

Mediation is a tool that helps us quiet the mind and become more aware of our bodies on all levels. We can become more in tune with our emotions. We also come to realize that our emotions are a part of us but we are not only our emotions. We can change thought patterns  and feelings. It relaxes the nervous system and lowers blood pressure.

4. Chanting

Patricia Walden says, “For many people who are depressed, chanting is really a wonderful practice. Especially when you do it with other people, chanting has the ability to pierce through the layers of cloudiness and dull mess and bring you into a positive state.” from “Yoga as Medicine”

5. Imagery or Visualization

Focusing our attention positively can help to heal both the body and mind. For example, give positive energy to an emotional (or physical) wound by visualizing it as healed thereby supporting the heart’s own natural intelligence and ability to heal.

6. Guided Deep Relaxation (Yoga Nidra)

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