1. Empty the bladder and evacuate the bowels.
2. Allow two to three hours to go by after a main meal or one hour after a light meal.
3. Clear both nostrils for easy breathing.
4. Bring your own Yoga mat and towel.
6. The place of choice, room or ground should be well-ventilated; moderate temperature-neither too hot nor too cold; air free from dust or other pollutants.
7. Session should be free from interruptions or distractions in a pleasant surroundings.
8. Loosely-fitting and light clothing to enable free movement and easy comfortable breathing.
9. Shut down your cell phone and/or other electronic devices during the practice.

Q. What time should I DO Yoga?
Well it is up to you, If you do in the morning without eating anything, it is the best time as you feel more energetic. But if you do in the evening your body is more flexible, so the Asana will be easier to do. Also if you practice Yoga after coming from work (EMPTY STOMACH OR AFTER 3-5 HOURS AFTER EATING LUNCH OR DINNER), you will feel that your tiredness is gone altogether. So Yoga gives you freshness instead of tiredness. Do it yourself and see. Remember only Asana which could be performed after a dinner is Vajrasana which actually helps to digest food.
Q. Should I take bath after or before Yoga?
Yogis recommend to take bath before Yoga. This freshens your body and mind which helps you concentrate into your body to prevent injury. if you want to take bath after don’t take bath straight after Yoga, wait for 20 minutes at least.
Q. Where should I do Yoga?
As Yoga Asana relate to breathing so it is important that where you do Yoga there should be a cross ventilation of the fresh air. Air should not be too strong to hit your body directly. It is best if you could Practice Yoga in a garden or open air provided there is no strong wind.
Q. What should I wear while practicing Yoga?
Anything which is most comfortable and flexible which should not hinder your postures in any way. Men better put on shorts or underwear only. Women can put on flexible comfortable trousers and tops.
Q. I am feeling to go to toilet, should I continue Yoga?
No, before starting Yoga empty your bowels and go to toilet if you are feeling a need to. If you start feeling during the exercises, Stop your exercise and go to toilet first then you can continue.
Q. How should I breath?
Breath through your nose only and don’t open your mouth during the exercises, unless instructed otherwise.

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  1. One thing is missing which is the waiting time for meal after yoga.
    Answer: It is 30-45 minutes. 30 min for small meal and 45 min for full meal.

  2. Very nice explained all of the points. I had a doubt more years that is go toilet before yoga or after yoga, Now i have a clear answer from your Q&A.

    Lot of Thanks.

  3. Hello,
    I love yoga, but I never had follow your instruction “evacuate the bowels“ before yoga. Normally, I evacuated daily without a problem, in the early afternoon. However, I love to perform yoga in the morning (as in the late afternoon). In this case do I need to made an enema (basti) before the morning yoga?

    • Hi Debby,
      As an Ayurvedic Practictioner I do not recommend basti on a daily basis, and if you don’t have problems
      evacuating daily there is no reason for it unless we have an underlying condition the we need to
      treat. This comment is meant for people that might suffer from constipation/gas and are not aware on how
      important is to go regularly, and for that we have different things we can do that range from a leaving
      water on a copper vessel each night and drinking it first thing in the morning, to performing Lagoo
      Shakhaprakshalana (a short intestinal wash by drinking salt water and performing a specific sequence
      of asanas) very effective with digestive disorders but that needs to be performed under the guidance of
      a skilled practitioner. In Ayurveda we also recommend different herbs to help and aid with gastrointestinal
      problems, e.g 2000 to 3000 mgs of Triphala churna as a single dosage each night before going to sleep will
      help evacuate in the morning and helps the body getting rid of Aam (toxicity).

      • Thanks! Not only a daily yoga session, I love two (early morning and afternoon!), both of 40 minutes! And also I use gentle enemas to reduce (a lot) my allergic asthma symptoms, but never daily (two times a month, max weekly), they are a great help! Thanks again!

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